Manufacturing Capabilities

If it can be pressed, drawn, shaped, curled, embossed, debossed, printed, threaded and produced at high speed on the very latest state-of-the-art CNC controlled equipment from tinplate and aluminium, JKP can make it. JKP manufactures closures, tube ends, containers and can components to the very highest standards possible.

Quality Control

Right first time! JKP is quality driven and customer focused.

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Our production lines are leading edge, state of the art, high speed and high volume. We’re never short of capacity.

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Production lines

We have the most modern CNC controlled, high speed, super accurate lines in the business.

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R&D and Innovation

Got an idea for a new products or an evolution of an existing product? If it can be stamped, pressed, rolled or curled from tinplate or aluminium, we can design and make it for you (within limits). JKP has state of the art CAD/CAM systems combined with years upon years of metal packaging manufacturing knowhow that is yours to tap into. NPD is in our DNA.

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